Throw the Bums Out 2014 – Vol. 1

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Throw the Bums


By John Ceccon

obama-bestPolitical pundits on both sides of the fence love to parade the approval rating of the president, especially when it is favorable to their latest partisan cause. (currently Obama is right around bohner46%). Keep in mind that it is congress (the U.S House of Representatives & the Senate), not the president who vote on and pass all laws and bills. Only then do they pass them on to the president. He either signs them into law, or he veto’s them. As of this writing, 74 out of 100 Americans think congress is doing a sucky job. That’s an 74% disapproval rating. If you had an 74% disapproval rating at your job, your ass would be fired. If you were taking a test at school and you got 74% of the questions wrong, you would get a big fat “F”. Well, congress is getting a big fat “F”, and they should be fired. So, why do we keep electing the same bums every time we vote? I understand that if you are a democrat you’re probably going to vote for a democrat, and the same goes for republicans. But 74% disapproval? That means both sides of the voting public are pissed! Both sides of the U. S. congress and house of representatives are doing what they do best – finger pointing.  

In my home state of California, Dianne Feinstein has been a member of congress since 1992, Barbara Boxer since 1983 although she will not be running in the 2016 election. People always like to point fingers at the president as if he is primarily to blame when things go wrong in the nation. The president can only serve for a maximum of 8 years. Members of congress have no term limits. They can stay in office for as long as they can convince the voters to vote for them. Our two state senators in California have been in office collectively for 30 years. There have been congressmen in other states that have served for over 50 consecutive years and the only reason they left office is because they died. It’s not just California either. Look up the senators and congressional representatives in your home state and see how long they have been in office. You will be shocked.  If you want some real change then adopt my new campaign slogan “throw the bums out”,  in 2016. If your senator or congressman has been in office for more that 2 terms, throw those bums out. If you’re a democrat that only votes for democrats, or a republican that only votes for republicans, you’re part of the problem. 74% people – wake up America! Throw the bums out, or shut the hell up and stop complaining!

Copyright 2015. John Ceccon. All rights reserved.

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