Throw the Bums Out 2014 – Vol. 2

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Same thing…….Again??  

Vote out all incumbents

By Phred F. Stone

krap1The 2014 midterm election is approaching fast (Nov. 4), which means your mail boxes will overflow on a daily basis with candidate Krap. You will personally be responsible for the chopping down of three big Ax-Men type trees just to supply the paper for all of the of candidate statements, proposition propaganda (or as I like to call it, Pee Pee), and other election related Krap. Your roadsides will also be littered with the same Krap, except in larger form and will most likely cause a spike in rear end collisions during the coming election season. But let’s not forget about my favorite part of election season, the mud slinging ads on TV. This is where Democrats try and convince us that the Republicans they are running against are pieces of garbage. Not to be outdone, the Republicans will then retort with their own mud bomb aimed at the Democrats. By election day, you will have no idea what either candidate stands for and you will do what most voters do – vote along party lines even if your candidate sucks. TranslationYOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

If you have not already noticed, American discontent with their elected officials is the highest it has been in over ten years. revolutionAmericans complain about the state of this country till they are blue in the face, then they go to the polls and reelect the same people who are screwing things up.


Sorry if I’m dumbing this down, but I have some dummies that may attempt to read this and I don’t want to exclude them. Its my way of being PC.

I am amazed at the number of people that think the President is the one who makes the laws. Adding to the problem are the people that don’t know what Congress, The House of Representatives, and The Senate are. (these same people also don’t know the difference between your and you’re, then and than, and think supposibly is a word). Here’s how it works people – Congress, which is made up of The House of Representatives and The Senate are the ones that come up with the ideas for the laws. They are the ones that debate the ideas for new laws – sometimes for years. When you hear about finger pointing in Washington,  it’s Congress doing most of the finger pointing. When I say “Throw the Bums Out”, these are the bums I’m talking about. Eventually, these bums all take a vote. If it passes, they send it on to the President, and he signs it into law – or he doesn’t. 

  • As of this writing, a dismal 13% of Americans think Congress is doing a good job. Just in case your math sucks, that means 87% of Americans think their Senators and Congressman are doing a Krappy job. And, just in case you don’t like numbers but love really kool graphs, check out this Gallup Poll graph.SIDE NOTE * if you had a 13% approval rating at your job, your ass would be fired – and you should be. If you got 13% of your college exam questions correct, you would get a big fat F – because apparently you don’t have the chops for college! Would you eat at a restaurant that got a 13% approval rating on Yelp. I didn’t think so.
  • The approval rating of Democrats in congress runs between 30-44%. These statistics were taken from over 15 polls. 
  • The approval rating of Republicans in Congress runs between 18-48%. Guess where these statistics came from.

​​TRANSLATIONAmericans are pissedThey are pissed on both sides of the fence too. In fact, if you did a survey and figured out how many people in this country are illiterate, in a coma, schizophenics, in prison and can’t vote, or extremely mentally ill, you will probably get close to the 13% of the people in this country who approve of the job Congress is doing. 

If you are one of the 87%

Do the right thing



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