Throw the bums out 2016 – Vol 2

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Incumbents Must Go

By Phred F. Stone

Don’t expect the aftershocks from the 2014 midterm election to stop anytime soon. The democrats are still trying to figure what happened as their collective asses were handed to them in an election that was driven by voter revolt. The blow didn’t just come from votes and lost seats in the senate and house. The impact was felt even among those who weren’t even running for reelection. The entire country shifted right, plain and simple. The swing came in the form of democrats voting for republicans because they were pissed, and they’re still pissed – red and blue. Just ask John Boehner. I’m a registered democrat, and in 2014 I went into the voting booth and voted republican right down the line – I didn’t even look at their names. In 2016, I plan to do the same.

Here are a few polls that will give you a glimpse into the world of the pissed off voter. It’s not a good picture. With the election a year away, it’s hard to see the discontent of the voters changing very much during that time. 

 * 78 out of 100 Americans thinks Congress sucks. Throw the bums out. Click here to work the poll.

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                                      Incumbents – These people must go. 

Every time we have an election, there is always a group of congressmen and senators who are running for the 5th, and 6th, and in the case of Chuck Grassley from Iowa, a 7th time.  (Note to Chuck Grassley – it’s time to retire. Go buy an RV, a fly fishing rod, join the Good Sam club, and go enjoy retirement)  These are the people causing the problems in our country because after 4 or 5 or 7 terms in office they have established relationships with large corporations and the super rich which conflict with the interests of the people they represent. Even their own personal interests rise above those of their constituents. They have been poisoned by the inherent and predictable corruption of politics. They succumb to power, influence, money, and greed. Its like a bad side effect from a drug your doctor prescribed to you – its almost unavoidable.

The quick response is – well people keep voting them in, which I don’t understand at all. The latest poll (work the poll here) says that only 15% of Americans think congress is doing a good job. So, who is voting these people in? EVERYBODY, that’s who. Unfortunately, more often that, our choices in the polling booth come down to the lesser of two bums, and one of them is usually an incumbent.

Are they morons? Have they been bamboozled? How does a 15% approval rating ensure reelection?

Republican Senators – two of these bum’s are running for a 6th term, and one for a 7th. Are you kidding me? Chuck Grassley has been in office since 1980. Do you think he’s made a few friends ? Do you think those friends have the same interests as you and I? 

Richard Shelby – Alabama – Running for a 6th term. Been in office since 1986

Lisa Murkowski – Running for a 4th term

John McCain – Arizona – Running for a 6th term. Been in office since 1986

Chuck Grassley – Iowa – Running for a 7th term. Been in office since 1980

Mike Crapo – Idaho – Running for a 4th term


Democrat Senators – Same deal, but not as bad as the republicans. Patrick Leahy is running for an 8th term – what balls! 

Barbara Mikulski – Maryland – Running for a 6th term. Been in office since 1986

Chuck Schumer – New York – Running for a 4th term

Ron Wyden – Oregon – Running for a 4th term

Patrick Leahy – Vermont – Running for an 8th term. Been in office since 1974

Patty Murray – Washington – Running for a 4th term

7 Democrats and 21 Republicans are seeking re-election. 5 Senators (3 Democrats, 2 Republicans) are retiring.

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