Fake News 101 – Cutting the Feed

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Fake news 101 – Cutting the Feed

By John Ceccon

Until recently, the presentation of news was the primary source of information used to shape our view of the world, and we have placed a lot of trust in that news. Well, I’m afraid those days are over – Me

The first time I heard the term “fake news” was during the 2016 Presidential election. Prior to that, the World Weekly News with its Bat Boy stories, or the National Enquirer’s coverage of celebrity dirt was the extent of my “fake news” world. And yes, there are people who think Bat Boy is a real person. These same people also think Big Foot and professional wrestling are real too. Today when most people hear the term “fake news”, they are under the assumption that it comes in the form of a news reporter making virtual eye contact with you through a camera and spewing blatant lies right to your TV face. Adding to the confusion, we now have the president of the United States barking out those words like its some sort of dysfunctional mating call to the media. And if that wasn’t enough, social media has now taken the lead in the distribution and redistribution of this disingenuous Krap. Just what we need – millions of amateur news reporters lurking, and trolling anything that even remotely resembles a news item. When was the last time you reposted or retweeted a news item or piece of information before checking it out? Exactly. Do you know how to accurately fact check? Do you care. Didn’t think so. Fake news is distributed for two reasons 1) to mislead, confuse, and control you, and 2) because people are stupid and will repost anything that will get them likes on Facebook – boooo.

Hello fake news evolution. Just like anything else that is here today and gone tomorrow, fake news is also evolving, leaving in its wake a whole country of misinformed fake news lemmings, and it’s not just coming from the news media either. During the 2016 presidential election, a fairly new mutation to the world of fake news made itself known – the “feed cut”. This tactic is one of the other ways a news organization or government agency can completely control what you see or hear, especially when it conflicts with what they’ve been telling you or what they want you to see. This one is real popular in North Korea and Iran. It’s the news version of a beheading. Lets say that CNN or FOXnews are interviewing somebody and that person begins to stray off the path of righteous and launches into the delivery of evil heresy, which is usually truth based. Well……..somebody needs to stop that shit. That somebody is the color test pattern that pops up on your screen, taking you straight to a place called Censorshipville. And get this – all they have to do, is tell you that they are having technical difficulties. It’s brilliant! This is usually followed by a news person who is also a horrible actor, horribly portraying a surprised person. My favorite is CNN’s Chris Cuomo – he’s the worst. Don’t take my word for it, I could be fake news for all you know. I’ve conveniently placed a few links below, so you too can enjoy him too.

These are just a few, but if you want to have some fun, try this. Go to YouTube and do a search on XYZ cuts feed. Just replace the XYZ with CNN, or FoxNews, MSNBC, NASA, or any other organization that feeds live information to you.

CNN cuts interview feed after Refugee Crime Statistics are mentioned Congressman Scott Taylor points out, to CNN’s Dana Bash, the rising crime rate among Syrian refugees coming to the United States……FEED CUT! 

CNN cuts interview feed after Wikileaks is mentioned  Congressman Chris Collins is talking about something having to do with WikiLeaks and Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, we will never know because the feed was cut. Adding insult to injury, we have CNN’s Chris Duhh-face Cuomo giving us yet another great example of horrible acting he reacts, “obviously, we lost the satellite feed, that sucks”. 

CNN Cuts Feed after Focus Group picks Trump CNN’s Chris Cuomo and a CNN town hall reporter learn a valuable lesson. Never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to…….or you may have to cut the feed. Also once again, we get to see Chris Cuomo with that stupid pretend “oh wow” face. He stinks!

NASA – The original feed cutters (and no, I’m not one of those conspiracy theory nut-cases) A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away………no…….. that was another fantasy, much like the fantasy NASA maintains, that they have no evidence of the existence of UFO’s. Well then, maybe it was a bad idea to place live feed video cameras on the International Space Station. Time and time again we see this beautiful live video feed of the Earth as the ISS passes over it and then, an object, or multiple objects enter the frame, some of them changing direction and speed. You will get a few seconds of this video and……Well……..somebody needs to stop that shit. (CALLBACK). Can you guess who that somebody is? Yup, Mr. Feed Cut shows up in the form of a blue screen and a message, from NASA, that they have lost the video stream, or the feed is switched to video of a NASA control room. Some of these feed cut candidate videos go on for longer than others. What that means is that the guy who is supposed to be monitoring the video and pushing the feed-cut button was on Facebook checking how many likes he got on that picture of the burger he made all by himself. Then he has that “oh-shit” moment, realizes that there are UFO’s in the ISS live video stream and pushes the button.   

Here’s a few links to check out. There is a ton of this video on YouTube if you search on “NASA cuts feed”. Keep in mind that ALL of the live video that is streamed from the ISS is from NASA, their cameras, their video. 

NASA Cuts live feed from ISS just after Another Appearance of UFO

ASTRONAUT BUSTED Trying To Hide UFOs Near ISS! 1/14/17


What Have we Learned? 1) CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a horrible horrible actor. 2) Stories about Bat Boy may actually make it to main stream media. 3) Cutting the feed has nothing to do with food. 4) CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a horrible horrible actor. 5) NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer. 


Copyright 2017 John Ceccon. All rights reserved.


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