The 6 Day Nut-Case Count-Down

Have you  kissed your loved ones goodbye? Are you ready to meet your maker? Have you made peace with your own soul and repented? According to end-times nut cases, in six days, Nibiru, a make-believe planet accompanied by seven make-believe moons will pass by or hit the Earth causing all kinds of major problems. To put it simply, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE……….again! I was trying to come up with a list of all the dooms day predictions that have never panned out, but realized that it would take me six days to read them all. Since people seem to have this fascination with end-times predictions, I’m going to make one of my own. On Sept. 23rd, when Nibiru DOESN’T show up, end-times nut-cases will change the date………yet again. I’ll tell you what I’m going to be doing on the 23rd when Nibiru DOESN’T show up – I’ll be talking mad shit about the nut-cases that buy into this kind of Krap. A lot of these people are devout Christians, so am I, but I actually read the Bible. Apparently they missed one very important verse in scripture that will clear it all up once and for all. In the book of Mark 13:32, Jesus himself says this, “But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” TRANSLATION – if Jesus doesn’t know, neither do you. So could ya just stop, you’re making the rest of us rational Christians who actually read the Bible look like idiots. Stop watching end-times conspiracy videos on YouTube and read your Bible.



Three Strikes in Two Weeks for Trump

First it was Trumps refusal to condemn the actions of the white supremacists who came to Charlottesville, clearly to start some shit. Did you see those guys? Most of them came dressed in tactical gear accessorized with shields, batons, and pepper spray. And………oh yeah…….they hate brown people, jews, fags, trannys, people who wear tie-dye shirts, and anybody who hates Trump. Next, there was the issue of Trump’s command of the English language. Twice in one week The Donald tweeted without consulting a proofreader – again. In the first blunder, he proved that he didn’t know the difference between the words “heel” and “heal”. WOW……..WOW. People don’t heel, dogs do. That thing on the bottom of your shoe is not a heal. In another Tweet he confused the usage of the words “there” and “their”. I’m guessing  he also has problems with to, too, and two. The difference between your and you’re probably make his head hurt too. Trump needs to heal his command of the English language or he will continue to look like a heel. Strike three was the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio – a man who should have never been allowed to hold the position of sheriff. Let’s forget about the fact that he hates Mexicans for a second. He’s a racist and psychopath………and he’s really ugly. This is the guy who housed prisoners in tents in the middle of the desert and made them were pink underwear. You have to know that a man who thinks about other men in pink panties has some serious sexual issues.

I didn’t vote for Trump……or Hillary. I thought they both sucked. Trump was the one who was elected, love it or hate it and I’ve been trying to give him a chance. He is making it incredibly hard for me.



Trump needs a Twitter proofreader

This has been a bad English grammar week for Trump, especially from a comedians perspective. One of the things I’ve alway gotten a kick from is people who speak English poorly. Now, I’m not one of those “Queen’s English” snobs. I hate Shakespeare. His writings are a borefest. The only use for Shakespeare would be as a sleeping aid. What I’m talking about are these morons that don’t know the difference there & their, or your & you’re, another good one is then & than. Two, too, and to are another good one. This shit drives me absolutely crazy. This is the kind of Krap you should have learned in the first and second grade when you were reading Dick & Jane books. Apparently Donald Trump never read them. He would also be well advised to have somebody proofread his tweets before he presses the SEND button and gives the entire Trump hating yet more ammo.

Twice in one week. TWICE in ONE WEEK. The first time it was him encouraging the nation to heal, but he used the word heel – seriously? Are you friggin kidding me? He did it three times in the same Tweet. I’m guessing he thinks that thing on the bottom of his shoe is a heal too. Next he Tweeted something about the Afghani people and “there” country. I guess one of the few people who actually have his back pointed this out and he went back and corrected “there” to “their”. I can’t wait for the book of Trumpisms.



The Heel has spoken

This past week I did something I normally don’t do on Facebook – I posted something of a political nature. As he usually does, Trump took to Twitter to encourage an atmosphere of national healing after the violent clashes in Charlottesville and in the process used the word “heel” instead of “heal” As you would expect, the Trump supports hammered me and accused me of spreading fake news. I responded by posting links to several trusted news sites that had already picked up on Trumps blunder and were running their own story on it. One person commented that they didn’t believe it because Trumps spell checker would have caught the mistake. This told me a lot about some of Trumps supporters. Apparently, they don’t know that heel and heal are both real words. I’m guessing that these people, and maybe even Trump, would also have problems discerning the difference between they’re, there, and their, or your and you’re……..or maybe that the thing on the bottom of their shoes is a heal.


Time to think

It was about a week ago that the attention of national news media, social media, and of course, Twitter shifted focus from us getting nuked by some fat Korean dude with a bunch of nukes and a really really bad haircut to a bunch of white men with mommie issues. (btw, if you’re going to try and beat me up about calling Kim Jong Il “fat” and say that I’m fat shaming – go pack sand. Most of North Korea is starving……….literally. Kim has never missed a meal. Millions of other North Koreans have. The shame belongs to Kim – not me.) Anyway……….unless you are living under a rock, there was a despicable display of left vs right last Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. Mainstream media loves this kind of Krap. White supremacists dressed in tactical gear vs everything left of center. Dozens injured and three people killed. Are you kidding me? Can you say ratings? CNN and FOXnews love this kind of Krap not caring that they are helping the racial divide grow wider. That’s not what bothered me though.

I don’t care if you are from team Trump or team Hillary. I didn’t vote for either one of those A-holes. At least Hillary would have disavowed and condemned all of the white supremacist groups that showed up last Saturday in Charlottseville – Trump not only didn’t, but he refused to. This essentially vindicates every person that has suggested that Trump is a racist. That will cost him dearly. In the last week, people are dropping off the Trump train like rain. Sure, some the people at the rally who were on the left engaged in violence, big deal. I’ve seen more violence from people whose team had just won the Super Bowl. The white supremacists that showed up that day came dressed in tactical gear, looking like a SWAT team. They came looking to start some shit. They came filled with hate. Despite the fact that both sides engaged in violence, the white supremacists were clearly the bad guys, and everybody knows it – including Trump. In my opinion, Trump’s racism in this matter was implicit.