John Ceccon

Phred F. Stone is the alter ego of John Ceccon. The name was born out of a disagreement with my local cable provider over some pay-per-view that I never ordered and refused to pay. As a result, they canceled my service and would not restore it until I payed the outstanding bill. That was in 1990. In 1991 I decided that I wanted cable TV again. Being the smart-ass that I am, I came up with the name Phred F. Stone and called the cable company to order cable service under that name. They sent an installer out to my house and he hooked me up. As the young man was looking at my work order with the name Phred F. Stone on it, he asked me what the F stood for, I said, with a sarcastic tone, “Flint”. He thanked me for choosing Time Warner Cable and left. The end result was that I now had my cable TV service restored under the name Phred Flint Stone. To this day, my cable bill still comes to me with the name Phred F. Stone on the account despite the fact that the guy who stiffed them years ago, John Ceccon, has been paying the bill since 1991. 

Phred F. Stone

I have been a performance artist for the last 40 years as a musician, actor, and stand-up comedian. I now spend most of my time behind the scenes in film and music production as well as performing in a band. During the last ten years, I have produced over 20 comedy shorts and 2 feature length films, and produced dozens of music and comedy CD’s. In 1996 I released the mocumentary Spiritual Advice for Islamic Terrorists which featured some of San Diego’s funniest comedians. A year later, I released Stage Time, a documentary view into the early years of a comedians career.

In 2012 I became a Christian after years of alcohol and atheism and currently play in a Christian worship band. I addition, I help lead a ministry for people struggling with addiction to drugs, alcohol, and pornography. I continue to produce, record, and perform music and video in my home studio in a number of genres. has become my primary outlet for comedic expression and personal blog. The nuns in Catholic school always told me I was a smart-ass, those women clearly had vision. 

Keep in mind that while everything on this site is rooted in fact or real world events, the underlying tone will have a dose of sarcasm, cynicism, satire, humor and opinion.